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Community Administration

Over the last 15 years we have been involved with Community Administration in what we believe is a very unique way. We believe that “Administration” is an old-fashioned format and really doesn’t meet the requirements of the owner of today. We believe our service is much more in line with the “Management” of the Community, offering a service that is both involved and much more personal to all owners.


We concentrate on smaller communities, allowing us to get to know each and every owner, making ourselves accessible to everyone and providing the best service that we can. We work on the theory of being “proactive” rather than “reactive” to all of the Community’s needs.


We take great personal pride in giving you a Community to be proud of, from property appearances to the grounds that the properties sit within. We are able to provide and manage the services required to make your community a truly special place.


We are always happy to discuss our services with you.  If you would like to ask us any questions about Managing your community, please just feel free to contact us, we can provide you a quote on managing your community as and when you require.


Some of the communities we currently manage are Los Algarrobos, La Retranca del Ángel and Las Tortugas de Aloha.

What people have been saying

"It has been a pleasure to have known the now “We Do Property" team, as a resident and also as president of Urb La Retranca del Angel since 2005.

Their experience in handling the trials and tribulations of managing community life in Neuva Andalucia for over 28 years has given them the knowledge and experience in effectively dealing with residents, negotiating with contractors, legal requirements and the Ayuntamiento.

The team's invaluable support and attention to detail gave me no hesitation whatsoever in recommending to my board to simply switch to their new initiative with the creation of “We Do Property”

President of Urb La Retranca del Angel

"We first met Steve around 12 years ago when our community were looking for a new management team to look after our day to day affairs. After talking to different management companies, we chose Steve White (then with Vacation Care), and since then Steve has been hands on 24/7 for our community and with his advice and knowledge of communities like ours, he has guided us for that time successfully. Steve and Rachel have now started their own management team.  Los Algarrobos community have moved over to their new venture with every confidence that we will be helped and guided through the next years to come".


President Los Algarrobos Community, Aloha Golf

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