Property rentals

We offer a variety of services when it comes to rentals; whether you are an owner wishing to rent your property either long or short term, or if you are looking for the right property to rent for a holiday or long term period, we can help.

Short Term Rentals


Whether you advertise your property for holiday rentals yourself and are looking for someone to manage guests or you are looking for someone to take care of placing and managing your property on the major booking platforms, we can help with every aspect. We can provide you with a top-quality cleaning & prep service, welcome packs, registration of guests in accordance with local laws, departure inspections and point of contact for your guests during their stay.​

Long Term Rentals


We are able to manage long term rentals from 3 to 12 months, covering all contractual obligations for both parties, including inspection visits when required, client vetting, background checks as well as servicing the needs of your long term tenant’s needs, leaving you to be free of the day to day running of your investment.

We, like you, have heard horror stories about long term rentals. We can honestly say in all our years of working with rentals, that we have never had a bad experience with long term tenants. Why? We believe this is due to our work ethic; maintaining contact with the tenant to ensure that no problems are incurred and being proactive in resolving any issues. Like you most tenants have the same desire, to make your property their home for the period they have it, we provide a contact for both parties to be on hand if anything is needed.


In our experience the best tenants are more attracted to properties that are professionally managed by a local expert.