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The Junta de Andalucia have announced that from today, 29th April, we can now travel outside of the province of Malaga. The borders of Andalucia remain closed but with these revised measures we can travel to Cadiz or Granda for example, any province within Andalucia.

Other restrictions remain the same:

  • Hospitality (bars, cafes, restaurants), can remain open until 23:00 (cannot enter after 22:30).

  • Shops can open until 22:30.

  • Social gatherings of 6 people outside and 4 people inside.

  • Night time curfew from 23:00-06:00.

  • Social distancing must be maintained.

  • Face masks to be worn at all times outside of the home.

These restrictions remain in place until 9th May at which time they will be reviewed.

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